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We have a dedicated group of women who care for the newest additions to the family. Enclosed in a safe environment, we have a nursery available for children from newborn stage to three years.

- Available every service -

Adult Bible Hour

Needing a deeper understanding of the word of God? Adult Bible Hour will be perfect for you. Different series' covering a range of topics straight from the Bible - we would love for you to join us to help broaden your knowledge of the Bible.

- Every Sunday 9.30am -

Sunday School

For our younger generation it is important to in-still who God is as well as provide life lessons that will help them through the most crucial years of their lives. We have classes that range for the ages of three to twelve.

- Every Sunday 9.30am -


We believe that morning prayer and our pre-service prayer meetings are the engine room of the church. This is where we lay hold of God and pray for Him to move in our church, in our families and in our city.

- Every Morning 6am to 7am -

- Sundays 5.30pm / Wednesdays 6.30pm -


Outreach is vital for the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our community. As a fellowship and local entity we strive on outreaching; sharing the gospel to those around us in local areas. We love to be able to share the knowledge of Christ as well as our personal testimonies.

- Refer to our Calendar -

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